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Senior Cycle Options talks

Schedule of talks for parents and students about choosing their option for senior cycle (5th Year / TY / LCA)
Senior Cycle Options talks

Schedule of meetings for Senior Cycle Options: 2019

Monday 17th December 2018 Cambridge Profile Assessment for all 3rd year students. Time- 3 hours. 8.50am-11.50am

Tuesday 15th January-Friday 18th January Presentations to 3rd year classes on a class by class basis on Senior Cycle Options in Confey College- double class period per group

*Monday 21st January: Parents Talk: Introduction to Senior Cycle Options in Confey College@ 7pm: Mr O’Byrne (Principal)

Tuesday 22nd January: Subject Options Talks to 3rd Yr. & TY students in Assembly Hall (9-11.20)

*Tuesday 22nd January (7PM) Feedback to Parents/Students of 3A1, 3A2 & 3a5 (first half of class) on Cambridge and Eirquest

*Wednesday 23rd January (7PM) Feedback to parents/students of 3a3, 3a4 and 3a5 (second half) on Cambridge and Eirquest

*Monday February 4th: (7pm) Information meeting for parents on TY and LCA programmes

Friday February 15th: Closing Date for applications for 5thYear/TY/LCA from 3rd year and TY students.

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