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World Robotics - Dubai Oct 2019

Good luck to team Confey representing Ireland in Dubai against students from 170 countries.
World Robotics - Dubai Oct 2019

Confey Community College students past and present will make up the IRISH team at the 2019 F.I.R.S.T. Global World Robotics competition in Dubai this October. This fantastic competition involves teams from over 180 countries from around the world and has been referred to as the ‘Olympics of Robotics’. For the last three years, based on their success in various STEM competitions, Confey College students have represented Ireland in the F.I.R.S.T. Global WORLD Robotics Competition in Washington D.C, Mexico and now Dubai.

This year sees team made up of two sixth year Confey students and four Confey students who graduated this year. In addition, the team's mentor is himself a Confey College student also graduating this year.


F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a non for profit organization that was set up by prolific inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway and drug infusion pump to name but two). The main goal of the organization is to get countries from all over the world working together to use STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to solve real world Global problems that are affecting us all.

Each country is given the same kit with over 2000 pieces and they have to build a robot (0.5mx 0.5m x 0.5m) which will take part in the set challenge for that year. TheFIRST Global yearly challenge seeks to highlight the greatest challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering identified by the United States of America’s National Academy of Engineering. In 2017 the theme of the challenge was based on Purifying our Rivers by removing Contaminants, in 2018 it was all about Energy Conservation and the theme of this year’s challenge is the cleansing of the World’s oceans.

The competition lasts for four days and during this time students from different countries from all across the World work side by side. The mood is one of camaraderie, information sharing and mutual problem solving. One very important side event sees each team celebrate it’s culture – each team sets up a ‘stall’ handing out momentos and talking about many features of their culture. There is a sense of pride in one’s culture but, at the same time, a sense of community spirit, sharing and mutual purpose across all of the teams from all of the countries as they work together sharing tools and ideas. Indeed at the 2017 competition, in a last minute panic, team Ireland built a full Robot lifting arm for team in the 20 minutes before their final round.

Last year team Ireland, despite not winning the competition, were one of only four teams to receive a judges technical award.

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